Homeschooling: An Awesome Experience

Whether you’re sitting in 5th period or studying calculus on the beach, having options is what 16-year-old Z’eani Furdge says transformed her high school education. Photo above by Joshua Wright by Z’eani Furdge [gdlr_frame type=”border” align=”left” caption=”Photo Courtesy Imani Khayyam”][gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”×300.jpg” link_url=”” alt=””][/gdlr_frame] “Beep, beep, beep.” “It’s 6 a.m. already,” I say to myself as […]

Future Leaders Build Bonds, Grow from Diversity

by Maisie Brown Photo above of Rikyla Brown by Jordan Mahoney [gdlr_frame type=”border” align=”left” caption=”Photo Courtesy Maisie Brown”][gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”” link_url=”” alt=””][/gdlr_frame] The large room with huge African flags plastered over the huge walls shows signs of black liberation and power at the Lumumba Center at 939 W. Capitol St. in Jackson. Rooms are named after […]

Love Is Just A Way of Life

by Asia Mangum   [gdlr_frame type=”border” align=”left” caption=”Photo by Kelsee Ford”][gdlr_image_link type=”image” image_url=”×200.jpg” link_url=”” alt=””][/gdlr_frame] One night I sat up watching “Sex and the City” with my mom’s permission as long as I didn’t repeat any of the bad words. The four women were sitting at a dinner table and discussing their love lives as […]