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  1. We just won a Lagniappe Award from Crossroads Film Festival. Thank you, Crossroads, for featuring our film and giving us an honorable mention. It means so much!

    Here’s how Crossroads describe the Lagniappe Awards and a full list below it:
    The programming team is pleased to offer these special “Lagniappe Awards” to films we particularly enjoyed. The “Lagniappe Award” is an “honorable mention” for filmmaking achievement, for content, and/or for sheer fun! The only criteria are that a programmer must nominate the film, and it must not have won in another category. “Lagniappe Award” winning films receive a certificate of merit and special Crossroads laurels. Winners of the 2017 “Lagniappe Awards” are:

  2. Here’s a video actor Kit Williamson (“Mad Men,” a Jackson native) did of his visit to the Youth Media Project offices for an interview. Maggie Jefferis of Murrah High School is in the video, and was directed the HB 1523 film along with Eli Bettiga of Northwest Rankin High School, working with a lot of other students on the team. We’re so proud of them! (Did we mention that?)