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By Zaccheus White

Originally from Maryland, at a young age Zipporah Jones, 17, moved to west Jackson close to Jackson State University. Her parents ended up getting a divorce, which then led to her moving to Byram. That summer, her mom married again. Jones and her extended family then moved to Brandon.

The 17-year-old’s most challenging moment was when she transferred school districts; her biggest fear was that she was going to fail at her new school, even though she has always received exceptional grades.

Jones, a senior and a National Honor Society member at Northwest Rankin High School, has always been familiar with books. She said her mother always read to her when she was a toddler, and when she went to preschool, she already knew how to read. “I really enjoy reading,” she said.

Another major part of her life is music. She is a pianist and loves to listen to music. “When I listen to music or do anything having to do with music, I just feel good,” she said. “If I’m having a bad day, I can always turn to music.” Jones will be a second-year member of National Honor Society at Northwest Rankin.

One thing that most students might not say is that they love, let alone like, their teachers, but Jones loves the teachers at Northwest Rankin. She has completed an internship for Mississippi Public Broadcasting, where she experienced editing and recording. Jones is an extremely creative individual. She likes to write stories and poetry, though she said she has to be in the mood to write.

Jones sees a future for herself as a journalist and a world traveler, she said. “I want to pursue a career in journalism because writing, meeting new people, learning new things, voicing my opinion are things I have an interest in,” she said. “They are things I’ve always kind of done.” Jones said she attends the Youth Media Project because she feels that the program would help her gain more knowledge when it comes to writing.

Jones’ grandmother is most influential within her life because she says it is so easy to talk to her about anything, and they have so much in common. “She is always telling me to be the best I can be. … We are just alike. I am basically her, ” she said.