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By Z’eani Furdge

Have you ever been around a person who is never willing to be quiet and can go on and on about a specific topic? Well, meet Ryan Perry. He is outgoing, down to earth, loves fooling around and, most of all, loves to talk. People who know him say nice things, like “he’s a gentleman” or “he’s just a genuinely nice person.”

Although he may come off defensive in a heated debate, he still stays humble and keeps his peace.

Perry is a die-hard comic fan and is a fan of a certain female superhero. “Wonder Woman is a character that represents the challenges we face today,” Perry said.  

He loves to read comics and has been doing so since sixth grade. He hopes to be a comic writer when he is older. Perry really enjoys writing poetry just as much as he love reading comics. He has a whole bookcase of comics and more than 1,000 on his phone.

A fun fact about Perry is that he competes in his school’s archery club, but he doesn’t hunt. At the Youth Media Project, Perry is most interested in podcasting.

Perry is really interested in politics, and especially in the campaign for president this year. “It was just the way I was raised. It was very common to talk about in my house while I was growing up,” he said.

His family discussed the 2008 and 2012 elections constantly, and they are paying a lot of attention to the 2016 election now. Perry says Donald Trump may be a fool and talk recklessly about things but has some pretty valid points from time to time. He says Trump might not be the best candidate for president, but is a better fit than Hilary Clinton.

Perry is most influenced by his father, whom he said models what it means to be a man. “It isn’t something that was talked about, but shown through the way he lives,” he said of his dad. “He always said, ‘You work hard and provide for your family, and you always take responsibility.'”