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By Tionna Anderson

Determined to become a politician for the purpose of advocating for change, Maisie Brown is a 14-year-old ninth-grade student who is a part of the International Baccalaureate, or IB, program at Jim Hill High School.

Brown describes the beginning of her story as being born on “a bright, sunny day in October.” She also talked about moving from the historical city of Natchez to the coastal city of Biloxi. She now lives in Jackson and is the only child of Melanie and Bobby Brown.

Her hobbies include playing the piano, which she has been doing for four years, styling people, watching football and writing. The fact that Brown can type extremely fast, 65 to 70 words per minute, contributes to her unique writing style. She also has the ability to learn how to play many instruments easily and quickly.

Brown says that her aunt and first lady Michelle Obama have influenced her life the most. She explains that “(her aunt) works for a nonprofit (organization) and helps people who cannot represent themselves, legally,” and that has motivated her to accomplish her goals in life.

The future politicians recalls her biggest challenge as the time she ran for student body vice president. “That was really hard for me, and when I won, it was like a really rewarding experience because it showed how (much) the student body respected me and my opinion,” Brown said.

Brown  is a part of the Youth Media Project because she likes to talk and write. YMP allows her to give the people who do not have the opportunity to speak a voice, and Brown wants “people to know that the youth has common sense and can form opinions as well.”

When it comes to Jackson, Brown believes that it is “a pretty nice city,” although she believes more things could be done, “like infrastructure.” She said the potholes and street problems need to be dealt with. Brown says the city could be improved if more events, businesses and restaurants were brought in because there is not much more than the outlet mall and the movie theaters outside the city limits.

Brown, who recently spoke at a rally in  Washington, D.C., against the Mississippi flag, has a message for readers: “In the year of (either) 2036 or 2040, I will be running for president of the United States.” Believe it.