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By Maggie Jefferis

Clinton native Joshua Wright said he would call himself “The Wright One” if granted superhero powers. Deaf in one ear, Wright has overcome a lot of obstacles in his life. When he was born, he only weighed 1 pound and stayed in the hospital for three months. “But with the bad comes the good,” he said.

Wright has an incredible sense of humor, enjoys filming video, writing music, singing and basketball. He said he’s always been “half nerd and half a cool person.” Wright considers himself to be a smart person and an-all around smart-aleck.

The 15-year-old wants to be a teacher and a coach when he grows up “because I love coaching,” he says. “It is a great profession. When you play a sport, you watch and see things and you learn.”

His family has influenced him the most by keeping him on the right track and helping him push through all the obstacles in his life. Anyone working with Wright soon learns that he is a hard worker, but like the rest of us, he sometimes needs a break from the grind.

Wright is a fan of Jackson’s diversity but not of its level of cleanliness. Fellow Youth Media Project student journalist, Jennifer Shields, says that Wright is, “cool and easy to work with.”

Wright has worked with his audiovisual team at his church for the past five years. In the past year, he has won a state piano competition, national choir competition, state basketball championship, and the City of Clinton has recognized him for “participating in history,” and he has been accepted into the National Honor Society.

Wright likes to read about sports, write music and listen to “a little bit of everything.” Wright says his favorite thing about being a part of the Youth Media Project is everything because it’s cool, and he enjoys being there. Among other interesting things that have happened to him this summer, YMP Director Donna Ladd recently dubbed Wright the Youth Media Project “dad” because he arrives as early as 8 a.m. and doesn’t leave until 5 p.m.