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by Joshua Wright

Darryn Price, 16, is an 11th grader at Ridgeland High School, where she is on the honor roll. She has two little brothers, Gabriel and Elijah. “Being the oldest has its pros and cons,” she said. They bring a positive and active energy to the house, she said, but she sometimes has to watch them and miss some things she wants to do.

Singing, dancing and acting are her hobbies, and she is good at public speaking. She is also on the speech and debate team, taking part in dramatic interpretation and Lincoln-Douglas debate. “My vocabulary has improved, and I think it  is because of debate, because we have to use bigger words when we are debating,” she said. Price is also a part of the dance team at Ridgeland High School.

She was born in Jackson and lived here until she was 5, but now lives in Ridgeland. In between, she also lived in Alabama and Maryland. “There are more people in Maryland than in the South, and it was much busier,” she said. Price also said hospitality is stronger in the South.

Price wants to be a journalist and have her own television show because she talks a lot and has a “TV personality,” she said. Price also said she wants to have a house, a car and a family. “I want to be like Oprah,” she said.

Her parents, Alisa and Hillery Price, are her biggest influences. “No matter the situation, they always provide for me and my family, and they are very hard-working people,” she said. Her biggest challenge in life was being bullied about her thick, curly hair when she was younger. “Having to ignore that was challenging for me because it’s hard to not let what people say get to you.”

Price said her dad recommended that she come to the Youth Media Project because he knows she is interested in journalism. “He thought this would be a good opportunity for me,” she said. Price joined the video/photography “house” at YMP, and said she hopes to learn how to speak better in public through YMP and learn photography skills to aid in her future career plans.