Segregation Poem

by Starlette Simmons It was all about segregation seen throughout the nation. We thought it was over, but it’s time for realization. We had to learn how to stand up and take on a fight for something that is right. We had to look at the world through a different eye. We got on our […]

More Than Brimstone and Bullets: Time to Stop Blaming

At some point or another, a loved one has told you to be careful on ‘that side of town,’ and you begin to wonder what does that even mean. One day, Ryan Perry, a 17-year-old white male, decides to take a solo journey and drives to ‘that side of town.’ What he begins to realize is […]

Is America Really the Land of the Free?

From the time we are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed five-year olds learning our ABCs, we are taught one essential phrase: America is the ‘Land of the Free.’ Growing up as an African American girl with a white best friend, Jordan Mahoney always said she didn’t see race, she saw people, but her mom always told her “It’s more […]

Past and Present Meet at Home of Medgar Evers

Reena Evers-Everette speaks to Operation Understanding D.C., a group of black and Jewish teens from the nation’s capital on a civil-rights tour of the South, at the site of her father’s, Medgar Evers, death at her childhood home in Jackson, Miss. by Jennifer Shields Little Reena Denise Evers, her mother Myrlie and her two brothers were all […]