I Won’t Let My Godmother Down

by Shakira Porter Photo by Nameisha Magee My godmother Lashunda Summers made me who I am today. She is a wonderful, intelligent, hard-working woman who takes care of elderly people for a living. She often tells me how blessed I am today. She has been there for me for a good long time. She took […]

Punched in the Gut: On Police and Distrust

Zeakyy Harrington, 17, grew up in the Washington Addition, a neighborhood west of downtown Jackson, Miss. When he was 16-years-old, one of Harrington’s friends threw up their middle finger to a cop driving by and soon after the teenagers were being punched, cuffed and taken to Henley Young Detention Center. Photo Courtesy Imani Khayyam by Zeakyy Harrington [gdlr_frame […]

This is Not a Free Country

Asia Mangum used to use the phrase “This is a Free Country,” to win arguments. The 16-year-old African American girl fears not only for her future, but the future of her country, immigrants and people of color if the republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, were to become president. Photo by Zaccheus White by Asia Mangum [gdlr_frame […]