Zariah Wheat’s Bullying Experience Didn’t Deter Her From Success

Zariah Wheat seen talking

By Razhell Foster Zaria Wheat was in her spacious, brightly lit bedroom when she joined a FaceTime with three of her classmates at Madison Middle School. Earlier that day at school, they had asked Wheat, a fellow seventh grader, to join an iMessage group chat with them. On the call that night, as Wheat joined […]

Segregation Poem

by Starlette Simmons It was all about segregation seen throughout the nation. We thought it was over, but it’s time for realization. We had to learn how to stand up and take on a fight for something that is right. We had to look at the world through a different eye. We got on our […]

To Improve Jackson, Fix JPS

by Mirracle Caston Jackson, Miss., could be a good city, but it has some things to fix first, one of which is our schools. Our Jackson Public Schools system is not in as good of a shape as it could be. We could make a lot of changes to better the district because with our […]

Homes for the Homeless

by Bradley Mitchell Abandoned houses should be remodeled for the lower-class and homeless people in Jackson. One time when Jacorey and I were walking around, we decided to jump the gate to an abandoned house and bust the glass. After we did that, a nice woman approached us and tried to talk to us, but we ran […]

‘Define Your Life’

by Kaitlyn Fowler   Rilke ends his sonnet “Archaic Torso of Apollo” saying “You must change your life.” James Wright ends “Lying In a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota” saying “I have wasted my life.” Ruth Stone ends “A Moment” saying “You do not want to repeat my life.” A minute […]

Happiness is a Curse

by Jaliyah Armon Knowing the world is fighting its last battle is like watching a loose leaf on a tree branch, dangling with the strong blowing wind, trying to hold on for dear life. Everything was damned to be dark and broken; no one ever paid attention to the crying rainbow for its positive outlook on a […]

Less Fortunate Youth

By Jacquey Davis ​​Life is good, life is great​ Life is like your favorite cake But not for all the spoon is silver And not all have their life delivered Some have no help, not even from parents They need your help, not your glaring Surrounded by drugs and some by gangs Some choose drugs and ruin their brains maybe switch to […]

What is Peace?

by Anthony Hawkins There I stood, looking in the mirror, glaring at the reflection of the abyss of dark waters curiously acknowledging what the world calls peace. “Peace be with you,” they say to me, but of what has peace come to be? I lift my eyes to observe the light-blue ethereal ocean while thinking […]

Ongoing YMP Youth Crime Forums Generate Causes, Solutions from All Ages

The Mississippi Youth Media Project started holding public dialogue circles in the Jackson community in early 2018 to collect potential solutions for crime and violence in the area. Dozens of local residents, from teenagers to elected officials, have brainstormed together for possible answers to several questions while sitting in circles with equal voices, as well […]