Participants talk about solutions to crime and violence at a YMP crime dialogue at Jim Hill High School on March 22. Photo by Donna Ladd

The Mississippi Youth Media Project started holding public dialogue circles in the Jackson community in early 2018 to collect potential solutions for crime and violence in the area. Dozens of local residents, from teenagers to elected officials, have brainstormed together for possible answers to several questions while sitting in circles with equal voices, as well as on questionnaires filled out at YMP events. So far, the town-hall dialogues have happened at Jim Hill High School, Wingfield High School and The Boys & Girls Club, with the next one on Aug. 1 at Walton Elementary. The participants then reported their potential solutions to the full group and ended with each person pledging an action to reduce crime and violence.

Previous potential solutions are grouped below under specific questions that teenage moderators posed to the participants. Add your voices at the next YMP Town Hall, dedicated to the memory of Cedric Willis, on Thursday, Aug. 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Walton Elementary, 3200 Bailey Ave. in Jackson. We’ll provide snacks and drinks. Please join us and help us prevent crime and violence. The information we are collecting will be turned into actionable items at a future public YMP Crime Summit. (You can also comment or add your potential solutions in the comments below.)

School-to-Prison Pipeline

How can we stop the school-to-prison pipeline and stop school discipline that feeds into it?

Participants talk about solutions to crime and violence at a YMP dialogue at Wingfield High School on March 1, 2018. Photo by Donna Ladd

Gun Violence

How can young people and adults work together to reduce gun violence and gun availability in the Jackson area?

Students Suspensions

How can we help young people in Jackson have more positive things to do specifically during suspensions?


Childhood Trauma

How can we help with childhood trauma

How should teachers approach or help with child traumas?

Overcome Negative Peer Pressure

How can young people overcome negative peer pressure and environments?

First, why does this peer pressure exist?



How can young people both better respect adults and each other, as well as adults better respect young people? 

Interactions with Law Enforcement

How can interactions between young people and police improve? 

How can ppolice better show respect of young people?


How does a young person find a mentor?

For more information on the town-hall dialogues, email or call 601-362-6121 ext. 15 or 601-863-5568. YMP thanks the following sponsors of past and upcoming YMP Crime Town Halls: One Voice, the Kappa League, the Jackson Council PTA, the Jackson Free Press and the Boys & Girls Club.