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by Anthony Hawkins

There I stood, looking in the mirror, glaring at the reflection of the abyss of dark waters curiously acknowledging what the world calls peace.

“Peace be with you,” they say to me, but of what has peace come to be? I lift my eyes to observe the light-blue ethereal ocean while thinking of how we can give and show peace to others.

From nation to nation, we give our wars from wars to wars; we give our sores from sores to sores; we infect each other with our infectious diseases of bigotry, prejudice and megalomaniacal ideas, and policies of what is only to be described as peace.

“Do you give me life and sustenance? Do you? O’ peacemakers, create a better life for us.” I question myself. I think of an answer to these. I give myself to the world.

From heart to heart, we share our pain from pain to pain; we create internal stains of heartlessness and hate.

Peace, my friend, is the offspring of love.
I love you, and you love me, so do not judge off of what you see.

We must understand what is good about the differences of each individual.

Do you hear the sound of the waters clashing?

Listen, I hear them as I listen to the peace of nature, then boom!!! There came the clashing and bashing and smashing initiated by mankind.

O’ peace, I seek your face and yearn to create you evermore. Yea, o’ man, create the peace of life that may bring us just a little more closer.