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by Mirracle Caston

Jackson, Miss., could be a good city, but it has some things to fix first, one of which is our schools. Our Jackson Public Schools system is not in as good of a shape as it could be. We could make a lot of changes to better the district because with our community’s current state, it isn’t a place where people would want to live, and kids wouldn’t want to attend these schools that are in such a bad shape.

Schools need repair. Kids should be learning in the classroom instead of playing. They don’t take school seriously. Data from the Mississippi Department of education show that JPS has a 18.1% dropout rate, and a 74.2% graduation rate. If students would focus more, fewer would drop out of school. JPS also needs more teachers.

Most kids say they don’t need school in real life, but it is necessary to get a job. Diplomas aren’t just a piece of paper; it says you did your best and finished what you needed to do. That diploma gives you the peace of mind to let you know you can accomplish anything because you finished school through hard times.

We could make Jackson a better place by coming together as a city. Having a positive community could affect our city in a good way. We could start by going to JPS schools and talking to kids, getting their thoughts about what we could do to make schools better. Adults and children could help around the schools with cleaning and repairs. Schools could start having fun activities, which could bring the students together, and maybe they would start paying attention instead of playing around and focusing on the bad things. Positive minds bring positive behavior.

Our hometown could have everyone to collaborate to make Jackson a better place for our community to live in, and coming together as one whole team could solve a lot of problems. Our city should be a more peaceful place if we work as a team, so let’s work on making Jackson a better place so the kids and parents feel safer. Learn MORE dream BIG. 🙂