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by Jaliyah Armon

Knowing the world is fighting its last battle is like watching a loose leaf on a tree branch, dangling with the strong blowing wind, trying to hold on for dear life. Everything was damned to be dark and broken; no one ever paid attention to the crying rainbow for its positive outlook on a pretty day. They wouldn’t notice the sun glistening over the wet and shiny green grass that would complement every flower poking upward.

Lately, there’s rarely sunshine because of random killings, hate crimes and unexpected, deadly changes in weather, only bringing the earth closer to the burning core no one sees coming. These events are so bad, the moon reflected the energy it was being fed from the earth. There were rarely stars to connect and admire next to the blood-shot red moon because of all the darkness it held.

People ask, “Why are you so afraid to go out and do things normal teenagers do?” Maybe because every time I go on to a social media app, someone’s dying or being hurt. Happiness is like a curse now, because you always suspect something bad will happen next.