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by Darryn Price

A quote by Nelson Mandela states: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” With that being said, college shouldn’t be as over-priced as it is because education is vital in order to further your professional experiences. Therefore, college should be available for everyone, no matter their economic status. Sure, community college can be a cheaper alternative to a university, but everybody shouldn’t be “forced” to stay close to home because universities are more expensive, and even still some people can’t afford community college.

According to an article by U.S. News and World Report, a two-year community college on average is around $3,260 annually, and a four-year university averages around $8,900 annually. Going to college should be based on if you want to go or not, not on if you can afford it or not. If colleges stay the same price in order to fund the school, there should be programs in high school that help with the expenses. Programs that help with donations for individual students or even programs that help students get scholarships would be helpful and may benefit students that are struggling to afford college. From my research, there aren’t any specific programs at school that can help with college tuition.

Also, people who are wealthy (in the community and outside of the community) should help more often with families that are impecunious and having trouble with sending their children to school. Money issues shouldn’t be the primary reason to hold someone back from receiving a good education whilst being away from home.

Since most jobs require an educational history, high school administrations should do everything in their power to make sure almost every child can get into the college they desire to attend. This may help lessen poverty rates because they’re more likely to find a job within a preferred field. A graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the amount of money received from a job is higher for those who have at least a Bachelor’s Degree than for those who only have a high school diploma.