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You are beautiful from your head to your toes.

Your flaws give you spunk 

and make you unique from others,

amongst other things:

like your smile, 

your size, 

and your outlook on life.

Amazing, you are. 


you will always be, 

and even when you believe this to be untrue, 

you are still loved by me.

– Aja C. Purvis

You give life to anything you come in contact with. You inspire. You are life. You are inspiration.

Many young women are raised with the belief that they are nothing, but should be everything to their husband: a backbone to their caretaker, submissive to the head master. You must be molded by your mothers, who were once taught these same things, some succeeding with these notions and others going unmarried.

Why must you revolve your youngest, loveliest years of life around men, as if the world isn’t theirs’ already?

Your youth is your prime, your time to shine. Why are we so obsessed with the idea of finding love in a man, a significant other? What about the most important form—love in thyself? Because that’s what society throws down upon you, on your mothers, your grandmothers; and the men in your life reinforce this. Is it oppression? Seems to me that we are meant to be what a house slave once was.

You must tend to his every needs. You must make sure he is happy, pleased, and you are looked down upon for leaving him, even when he deserves it.

Instead of investing your time in pleasing a man, living up to this non-beneficial societal standard, begin your self-journey. Welcome the ideas of the impossible. Think of the imaginable. Embrace every little speck of information you find out about yourself with open arms, changing only what you must. Read a book, exfoliate, challenge yourself. Solitude is never a bad thing.

At times we depend so much on men because we yearn for some void to be filled. The problem is we don’t ever take the time to figure out what exactly that is, what’s missing. It’s definitely not a person. All problems start from within. This time alone will ensure you get the answers that you need. The love you may not have for yourself, the direction you wish for but haven’t exactly gotten, the motivation that’s so close to being in your grasp.

Think of the progression that may come with this, investing in yourself, rather than in young men who may leave you with emotional trauma or throw oppressive forces your way.

For now, don’t let the thoughts of what people believe to be the definition of a “wife” consume you. Figure out who you want to be, the woman you want to become, because that’s the most important thing right now.

Today, you break that chain, that cycle. No crying over how boys “will be boys,” or the mistakes and confusion of young men. No stressing over your chances to be someone’s wife.