Kenytta Brown is a soccer player and a poet headed into the 11th grade in Jackson Public Schools.

by Kenytta Brown

Imagine a world with no problems

Imagine our people picking cotton

Thunder storms and dark skies

Politicians and many lies

There’s crime every hour

Sometimes I wonder who really have the power

I just want a world when people can be free

Not a war to see who can control me!!!

Young people already dying

It’s sad seeing mothers crying

Because it was their son

Once was the world to them and now he’s gone

He was the man in front of the gun

There he’s done it, was too late to run

It’s hard for an African American male

Only time you hear them when they dead or in jail

How many African American male is in jail … I’ll make a list

But we get punished when we raise our fist

Our people are blessed

But they are afraid to see who’s next!?

It’s time to hear a new voice

Not by demanding but by choice

It’s time for a change

No more shooting innocents on point range

And they wonder why we woke up

We have to out-think and out-smart the law in every way

They been fighting us till this day

My question is where do we go from here

The world is in our hands

Or just let it be crushed like grains of sand